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A day in the life of..

8 Feb

It’s a Thursday.

5:30 – alarm goes off (hit snooze)

5:40 – 2nd alarm goes off (decide to snooze again or roll out of bed)

5:45 – it’s now or never, get up!

6:00 – head out for a morning bike ride with Dad (Thursdays usually consist of a leisurely breakfast at our favorite local coffee shop, but training needs a boost – so a ride it is.)

6:15(ish) – arrive at final destination (ominous pun intended)

6:20(ish) to 7:20(ish) – try to keep up with dad, almost die trying to get up hills and hope I don’t get hit by a car.

7:30 – Coffee and quick breakfast.

8:00 – Get to work (start smiling and dialing) – call all my favorite collegiate sports marketing people.

10:00 – Do all┬ámy other work (I won’t bore you with)

11:30 – Lunch (this usually consists of wandering through Target with my sister or coffee at Starbucks with big brother)

12:30 – Back to work (lots more work)


………an old post I found in my drafts. forgot I had started to write this. it was a good day. can’t remember how it ended but i’m sure it was something fabulous and not at all boring (or at least i’m going to tell myself that).

38 days until next race

time to get inspired!


There are so many wonderful changes happening in my life at the moment. Pretty much everything is changing. I like change because it’s scary. There’s something people say about risk and reward …I can’t remember what that is but I enjoy risk. The reward is a bonus.

So here’s to change, risk and reward. Until then………….namaste.