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Truth Be Told..

9 May

Ballerina and Angel


Color to Dye for

6 May


I want to be blonde today. Maybe not tomorrow, but today for sure. If I was blonde I would definitely have more fun. I might be the brunt of more jokes but people wouldn’t expect me to get them so it would be ok.


Time to invent a one-day-wash-out hair dye that accomplishes the perfect shade of color instantly. Train? I think so.


maybe red tomorrow?


and back to brown


Maybe it’s the up-dos I’m obsessing over. I sense a trend.

My version

Guess I’ll stick to my very own messy, brown, up-hair for now. Boorring. Somebody get to inventing!



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6 May

Mom. Mom. Mommy. Mom. Ma. Mommy. Mommy. Ma. Momma. Momma. Momma.  Ma. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Ma. Mommy. Mommy. Momma. Momma. Momma.

My Momma

Dear Mom,

Thank you for introducing me to Madonna.

Thank you for teaching me how to hold a hot cup of coffee in the car while driving.

Thank you for being the coolest Mom on the block and having all of our friends over all the time.

Thank you for always saying I love you every time we leave each other or get off the phone.

Thank you for worrying about me (even if it drives me crazy sometimes).

Thank you for being my biggest fan and always showing up when it’s most important.

Thank you for smothering me with love.

Thank you for everything you’ve ever sacrificed for us.

Thank you for being my Mom.


Your First Born Daughter

Cheers to Moms!


May Flowers

5 May
May brings flowers! And a birthday I don’t want to talk about.

But hey it’s May..why don’t I just go eat some hay, make things out of clay, lay by the bay? I just may! What’d ya say?

Flower Power

It's a Spanish Rose


Tu•L•ip to Quit

Cheers to birthdays!



4 May



Dream Clouds..

4 May

Focus is fleeting today..



Dream Clouds



3 May

List(ful): to be full of lists

My new favorite made up (sorta) word. I love to make lists. Lists of everything …reading list, to-do list, goals list, shopping list, hit list. I am not bias. Just kidding..I don’t make hit lists. Hence the strikethrough.

There is something about extracting the floating random thoughts in my head and jotting them down in an organized manner that just makes me smile. As I’ve mentioned before my lists must be aesthetically pleasing.

Here’s a few I wouldn’t mind looking at. Happy listing!



Cute and Free!

 Smitten and Hazel

Luggage Tag To-Do List. Genius.

 Thank you Martha Stewart!

iPhone to-do app.

 Real Simple.

Cheers to lists!