Material Girl

14 Mar

“A material, a material, a material, a material world…”

We’re talking “stuff” today. Hey, I’m just a material girl, living in a material world.

Day 08 - Picture of your most treasured item

Bling. Bling. (Merry Christmas to me. Thanks Ry!)

Side note, I was inspired by an article in Lucky Magazine this weekend to organize my closet. Why do I get so much joy out of organizing…? I am my mother’s daughter 😀

Now if only I could knock out the back wall, make it a walk in and add the whole wardrobe from Sex and the City 2. Please and thank you.





One Response to “Material Girl”


  1. Tuesday Love: Fashion — L & Co Blog - March 15, 2011

    […] I’ve organized and cleaned out my closet after being inspired by my soon-to-be sister, Bree; Lucky magazine, and Kendi Everyday! (I will post photos of my closet later.) I’m going to […]

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