Viernes Venerdi Piektdiena

4 Mar

Friday! (that last one is in Latvian for G who almost relocated to Latvia – you’re welcome)

Friends Week was fun! Don’t you think? Maybe stay tuned for a family week, if we’re feeling crazy. I did learn something valuable that I’d like to pass onto you.

  • Don’t wait until a wedding or a funeral to tell your friends and loved ones how you feel about them. Focusing on the positive aspects of the people in your life can help refresh your relationship and renew the convictions of why they are important to you.

Let’s recap? I thought in recognition of Friday Factday I’d tell you one fact about each Friend Week participant. Ooo this could get juicy!

Fact: Kels could win American Idol if she tried out.

Fact: Jen is genetically perfect.

Fact: Kris can teach you how to dougie and lean like a cholo.

Fact: Brrrs love sandwiches. And tofu.

Fact: Jess is a tree hugger.

Fact: Tigers love pepper. They hate cinnamon.

Fact: We are sisters.

Fact: Our parents ran out of names and named two of us Lauren.

Fact: I know what was said right before this picture was taken.

Fact: Bears eat beets.




2 Responses to “Viernes Venerdi Piektdiena”

  1. jessica barker March 4, 2011 at 1:12 pm #

    Little gem of wisdom there;good to be reminded
    to celebrate people for no particular reason. its actually really pertinent advice to me today, weird.

    oh and a thought; Cool picture yes,but don’t you think there could be a less obvious statement than TREEHUGGER, not a real big fan of that brand of hippy i guess. Though,
    you on the other hand, we just gotta get you some sweet Birkenstocks,maybe a t shirt that reads ” hemp rocks”,and then your already garden eater, hahaa..don’t do it

  2. kdecker1 March 5, 2011 at 8:24 am #

    Love this Bree…ah, that night was so random! “I don’t know any Indians.” haha!

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