28 Feb

I have made an executive decision (which was easy because I’m the only one making decisions over here) to extend Friends Week! There were just too many people to squish into 5 days.

RYAN: Perfect

*Excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement.

*Exactly fitting the need in a certain situation or for a certain purpose.

Definitely not claiming Ryan is perfect.

He always has really cold hands. Likes to scare me. Doesn’t pay attention driving and regularly misses our exit. Not to mention his spider killing skills (or lack there of). He has also been known to eat peanut butter and tuna. Together. No joke. I have yet to be subjected to this torture but I’m sure I will in due time..

But despite all of our flaws, together we are perfect.

My perfect.








One Response to “Perfection”

  1. Mom February 28, 2011 at 7:08 pm #

    My Baby’s in LOVE! The exceptable differences, is what makes it perfect!!

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