24 Feb

My Brrr(s).

BRIT: Core

Also known as B (!), britKNEE and occasionally Penny. 

My vegetarian friend. My fashion friend. My yoga friend. My workout friend. My happy hour friend. My borrow a book friend. My tell secrets to friend. My honest friend. You get the picture…

Brit is my anything and everything friend. She’s always there for whatever you need. Brit adores her friends and is very protective of her time with them. She is the core {the central, innermost, or most essential part of anythingof the group. The one that binds everyone together.

We’d all fall apart without her. She also enjoys reading restaurant menus for fun (but we still love her).

B (!)

BROOKE: Compassion

Broomie! Brooke is more full of life than anyone I know. She is overflowing with compassion (even for spiders). Everyone who meets Brooke falls instantly in love (no joke).


B and B are high school friends. Their friendship and the love they have for each other inspires me to be a better friend.

My Brrr(s).





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