17 Feb

I love globe. No, I am not just looking at things in the office and saying I love them. Well…maybe. But I really do love globe (and lamp). I’ve always had a mild obsession with maps in general. I once tried to convince my roommate to hang a globe mobile (amazing right?) in our house. He kindly rejected saying I could hang it in my room. Thanks a lot Bin laden.

Globe Mobile

Globes symbolize travel. Culture. Don’t tell me you’ve never closed your eyes, spun the globe and wherever your finger landed that’s where you were going. Best. Game. Ever.

Welcome to my obsession

Little Bro bought me a LARGE world travel book for Christmas one year and we made up a fun game of opening the book to a random page and appointing whatever page it landed on the place we would be living for the rest of our lives. When that got boring our new version consisted of marrying the person in any image of that country, hilarious to an 11 year old (ok, I was 18. don’t judge). Ok, I confess. Charles and I sat around playing that game for hours just last year. What?

Mmm globe

Sorry, last one.

I’m sure you get the picture. I am obsessed. One day I will travel around the world. And then I can look at a globe and say “Oh, hey. My old stomping grounds.” Muajaja (evil spanish laugh).

Sorry for dragging you through that. Just thought I would share. Enjoy.




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