9 Feb

Translation: jaja = haha

G (the best friend formerly known as Jen) shared this little nugget with me today. Now I can laugh in Spanish! Mujajaja (evil spanish laugh). Day 55 and I can say Superar and evil laugh in Spanish, well on my way.

New word of the day!

suficiente = enough/sufficient (pronounced: soo-fee-see-éhn-teh)

My swim with SPK (the boyfriend formerly known as Ryan) this morning was suficiente in permanently freezing my feet, filling my ears with water and giving me a nice chlorine scent (my new perfume).

AND I used it in a sentence. I’m good.

I’ll wrap this up with a few more words. Spanish: guapo = handsome, good-looking (SPK)  Italian: la villeggiatura = holiday  English: celerity = quickness, swiftness (this is what I hope to have for my run later)

We learned LOTS today. Take the rest of the day off! 😀




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