Countdown to Spain…

7 Feb
Estoy muy emocionada de ir a España!

Only 57 days until aventura en España begins! It’s been almost 4 years exactly since my last European adventure with my best friend Jen in Italia. This trip will be slightly different…considering I will be traveling with the new love of my life, Ryan (Jen still holding a high position) who has never been to Europe and Jen being an official resident of Madrid and a newlywed. We have lots to celebrate! Although I know without a doubt that it will not be missing the sparkle of trip Italia 2007; we will not have to worry about Italian strangers, German stalkers or BonJovi look alikes 😉

Most looking forward to seeing my Best Friend (!) and Jesper who I miss dearly, going on early morning runs through Spain with Ryan, eating yummy tapas, getting lost, exploring new places, drinking beer from our own personal tap on the table (seriously! when is America going to catch onto that?), giving lots of love to Gia and Soph, road trip to Portugal/wine tasting, champagne toasts in celebration of marriage, birthdays and friends, glogg, experiencing Ryan’s first time reaction to Europe…this trip is going to be epic.

When I travel I like to experience life like a local as much as possible. That is when I get the most out of the experience. Sure, I can come home saying I saw this or that from a long list of what you can find in your typical touristy travel book, but so can everyone else. I like to come home talking about places and things no one has ever heard of and feel like I lived there for the few short weeks.

Please insert me here.

Excited to countdown the next 57 days! Those are my thoughts for the day….funny how blogging makes you feel like you’re talking to yourself ;P




One Response to “Countdown to Spain…”

  1. Matt February 9, 2011 at 11:12 am #

    FIRST! Thats whats up. I found out that they only use the “vosotros” conjugation of verbs in Southern Spain, also, they know what you are talking about if you just use the normal conjugation. At least this is what my Spanish professor says, you can’t trust everything he says, because a lot of it is in a foreign language I don’t understand…Spain is going to be killer, I hope you have fun without me!

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